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Matching your wedding flowers to your wedding invitations

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Florals are never out of fashion for weddings, and that is particularly true of wedding invitations. Wedding stationery is multifunctional, and one of those functions is to give guests a hint of what is to come on the big day. It’s good to carry style and inspiration right through from your invites to other elements of your planning, so if you’re opting for floral designs for your stationery it makes sense to consider choosing flowers that match those featured on your invitations. 

There’s more than one way to match your wedding flowers to your wedding invitation, but here are a few of the most popular.

Direct match

This is very straightforward: you had lavender on your save the dates, so you decide to use lavender in your bouquets or in your decor. This is easy enough if you opted for an easily available flower in a standard colour, but be aware that your florist can’t just supply any flower you like on demand! Some flowers are rare or only grow in certain climates or at certain times of year. The artist who created your invitation may not have based their design on any specific flower, so an exact match may not even exist at all. If that’s the case, try one of the other matching techniques in this list, or ask your florist if there is a dupe you can use instead.

Creative interpretation

Instead of a direct match, you might choose to see the invitation as more of a creative representation of the final flower arrangement. Look at the shape and size of the flowers in the illustration and see what flowers your florist suggests that are similar. Don’t worry about trying to find an exact match, just use the invitation as a starting point and develop the ideas into something that you love.

Matching colour palette

Use the colours of your wedding invitation suite to inspire your wedding flowers. Whether you match the colour of the flowers in particular or the entire colour palette of your invite (including the paper, envelope inserts, text colour and other design elements) is entirely up to you. If the colour palette is going to be your unifying theme, don’t worry about the type of flowers you use. Consider using a range of different flowers - large and small - in different shades of the same colour or in complementary (or contrasting!) colours.

Matching ‘family’ of flower

Rather than matching the exact flower included in your invitation, think about flowers that fall within the same genre or family. If your invitation features native wildflowers, choose other native wildflowers. If your illustration involves flowers from a certain season, consider other flowers that are also found at that time. You don’t have to use the same colour, size or type of flower as those in your invite, but if you choose flowers that are usually found together they will fit together in your wedding theme too.

For more ideas and advice on matching your wedding flowers to your wedding invitation suite, make sure you take your invitation along to the consultation with your florist. They’re the experts, and will help make your bouquets perfect.

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